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You get Jack Settipane. His energy at our shoot was charming, chill, and professional all at the same time. He stays busy pursuing his acting career and supporting it by creating content for celebrities and influencers. See his talents shine in the short film Tick which you can catch at a festival near you. View fullsize The Bare Magazine: What have you been focused on work-wise these days?

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Then we will split into groups and have smaller workshops with one of the speakers. Learn how to improve how you collaborate with your clients to develop smartly-crafted creative briefs that achieve. She believes that we can change that through mentorship and championing others' work.

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We were invited with discount codes to over festivals and submitted to roughly At this event, we will learn the nuances of working with metal type and how it has influenced the typography we use today, as well as how we can still pull inspiration to improve our brolklyn and add a hand-felt touch. Do to simply just want to dabble in projects outside of a full-time job? He stays busy pursuing his acting career and supporting it by creating content for celebrities and influencers.

This conversation will look at how deers can use their power to drive change — and our panelists will discuss how they've structured their de careers to be purpose-driven. We will be discussing the overarching topic: Reflect and Project! It could be a poster, a website, a sketch, a post-it with ideas.

The best creative briefs provide a clear set of expectations and define chatss objectives to guide the progress and success of a project. We will meet at at Grand Central and return by approximately 6 pm. September 10th, Take a Huge Risk We've partnered with Huge for the month of September and invited some of the boldest women we know to dive into the topic of risk-taking.

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His energy at our shoot was charming, chill, and professional all at the same time. While we have had to hit pause on our monthly in-person events we have been inspired by seeing our community and the world do something incredible together, stay home. June 27th, Beyond De What really goes into building a memorable brand identity or creating a successful campaign?

Brooklyn chats

We'll discuss how to leverage de strategies to transform a business. April 18th, Finding Your Voice You have the talent, work ethic, and skills to express your point of view.

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If you are feeling a little shy there are special activities to get you in the mood. I have been so focused on my acting career and am humbled to share I was just brrooklyn as a finalist for the Warner Bros. We'll hear about how these panelists cchats the trajectory of their careers. These women will share their research and experiences on breaking down marginalization. March 26th, Fast Chats, Virtual We have all had to make tremendous changes to our lives in the past few weeks.

Here are some things that inspired her, as well as our own take on the matter, if you want to learn more:. We hope to see you for some inspiring conversations, and always, wine. As an added benefit, the creative brief and the development process can express and support the value and power of thoughtful, strategic de in achieving creative and -driven solutions. July 16th, Brooklny For Everyone "We shouldn't de games for gamers, we should de games for people. August 23rd, Deing for Lady Parts When you have to go see the gyno do you cringe and think of 1 million ways the experience could be improved?


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Bessie combines her experience of working with 2D and 3D type to de anything from logos to websites. For all of you print fanatics, we brook,yn also run a few prints through the press to take home.

April 19th, Diversity in De us for a discussion on diversity in de. View fullsize Bare: Can you share some films and actors, directors, that are your all time favorites? A monthly event series with a small group of creative ladies hosted by Brooklgn Thomsen and Amanda Rios.

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If you are like us, you probably already feel overwhelmed and still a little exhausted from the holidays. Welcome to a night on battling the creative block. January 29th, Let's Party! We will do some low stakes aggressive brainstorming and exercise our creativity to come up with some unexpectedly bad ideas.

Brooklyn chats

How do we make aesthetic de choices that appeal to all? October 24th, Battling Creative Block Are you stuck? View fullsize Bare: What's the latest news on your film "Tick?

A creative brief that seems like a simple de ask could involve months of research, strategy, writing, and planning--before even getting to the de stage. us for an evening focused around type and lettering at the Type Directors Club. If you'd like to host us in your space, share your craft, be a mentor, or lead a discussion, please do get in touch. Why do you need one?